Anger Management

Anger can be a useful and powerful emotion, creating motivation and energy to push us forward. Anger can also be harmful when left unmanaged or when it’s allowed to get out of control. Anger that is not well managed can cause devastating pain and damage to people and relationships. Anger is usually only a piece of who we are that, unfortunately blocks our true self and pushes others away. There are ways to manage the strong emotions of anger and rage. It is critical that we get control of ourselves and the triggers for our anger. Let Whole & Inclusive Counseling help you gain control and bring your whole and true self to every relationship.

Couples Therapy (Now via Telehealth Only)

Couples experience unique issues. From pre-marital questions and concerns to adjustment after the wedding day, to the strain of career and family, couples require a significant skill-set and practices to be able to weather the changes associated with uniting two lives. If you and your partner are feeling the pains of normal adjustment or the real difficulties of unfair fighting, contentious communication, or lack of intimacy, let Whole & Inclusive Counseling help bring friendship and sweetness back to your relationship. You’ve invested in your relationship; develop the communication, intimacy, and connection needed to restore vitality and interest to it.


Whether you’re gender transitioning, navigating couplehood, raising a family, or dealing with your family of origin, it is critical that you have support and unconditional acceptance. If you’re a member of the LGBTQ community, you know this well. Whether talking with family members, being out at work or school, or just enjoying an evening out with  friends, there’s rarely a day that goes by where you don’t have to make the decision to reveal or not to reveal your whole self. Many issues can weigh on queer people, but feeling unapologetic and secure in one’s identity is key to living with fullness and without fear. Each of us wants to bring our whole self to our relationships. Let Whole & Inclusive Counseling help you build an unyielding and healthy sense of self. Whole & Inclusive Counseling takes pride in supporting and nurturing the LGBTQ community.

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is not being mean or harsh when expressing a thought or feeling. Assertiveness is being able to communicate an intended message. Most of us lack the art and skill of being assertive. This can result in missing out on what we really want or need. Being assertive is an empowering tool. It can build our confidence and self-esteem and help us shape healthy boundaries in all our relationships. Often however, we are not assertive because we are unclear about our own intended messages. For example, at work when speaking to our boss, do we mean, “I’m tired of being taken for granted”? Or do we really mean, “I’d like to talk about getting paid for the extra work I’ve recently taken on”? There’s a big difference and the results can have big consequences. Learn to discern your intended message, to create healthy boundaries by simple communication, and to get what you need and want from all of your relationships.

Child and Family Therapy (Now via Telehealth Only)

Families are created by choice, by marriage, by birth, and even by court order. These small bands of people spanning multiple generations and a plethora of personalities are attempting to live and grow together. And although there are times when it seems that everyone is working against the goal of togetherness, families are critical to the personal growth and development of each of its members. Families can experience real struggles as they manage social strains, economic difficulties, child-rearing anxieties, care for its elder members, and manage all the stages of life through which each member transitions. If you and your family are finding it hard to deal with the myriad stressful adjustments of family life, let Whole & Inclusive Counseling  help to bring balance, structure, and warmth back to your home. We all want to raise whole and well-adjusted children while being good loving parents. Whole & Inclusive Counseling can equip your family with the enhanced parenting skills, balanced partnership structure, and developmental guidance for kids of all ages.

Career Counseling

Who says you have to be on the fast-track to career bliss by the time you’re 26? Or even 46? Life happens and often times, we need guidance and new direction to find work that is suitable for us. Work that brings joy and adequate income can be illusive to many. Whether you’re just starting out or starting on your 2nd or 3rd career path, answering a few pointed questions can be the key to finding your passion, honing your special skill-set, and learning which career best fits your personality. Let Whole & Inclusive Counseling help you discover a path that leads to purpose and fulfillment.

Discernment Therapy

Discernment Counseling is brief counseling to help a couple figure out next steps. A couple is a good candidate for Discernment Counseling when one partner is seriously considering separation or divorce and the other partner is not convinced that life as a couple is over. This is a case where partners are not on the same page… someone’s in and someone’s out. Life may seem intense and disagreements tend to escalate quickly and disproportionately.  Discernment Counseling is only 1-5 sessions and the goal is to get the couple on one page and support them toward one direction. If you and your partner seem to be missing opportunities to grow closer and you’re not sure why, Discernment Counseling may help bring clarity and set you and your partner on a clear path.

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Individual Therapy (Now via Telehealth Only)

As an individual seeking counseling, you may be facing a plethora of concerns such as dating issues, career problems, conflicts with your social circle, single-parenting, and others. Whole & Inclusive Counseling can help you think through some of these difficulties, learn effective coping strategies, and develop a strong sense of self. We all navigate relationships, grow professionally, and graduate through life stages. It is therefore important to know who we are and that we are valuable. It helps to feel empowered in our unique strengths, and have a sense of peace. Let Whole & Inclusive Counseling help you take the next steps to a vibrant, confident, whole self.