Issues Treated


If you feel a sense of nervousness and worry for reasons too difficult to explain, but your worries cause a significant impairment in your ability to work, socialize, or participate fully in your family life, you may suffer from a form of anxiety. Seeking professional help may reveal context for your anxiety and lead to strategies for managing and even reducing your worries, allowing you to function at a more optimal level.


Depression can range from mild to severe and from acute to chronic and persistent. It can be debilitating and cause a range of problems like work difficulties, family conflicts, and poor personal interactions with friends. Depression can look like perpetual anger in our children or a never-ending cloud of sadness in adults. While it can seem that the lack of energy, low motivation, sadness, and impairment are unyielding, there are proven and effective interventions to relieve your symptoms. Seeking professional help can improve your quality of life and significantly diminish depressive symptoms.


Trauma is the response to an event that one perceives as life-threatening. Many of our veterans are known to suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome after confronting the violent demands of war, but others such as children suffering abuse, men and women who have experienced inter-partner violence, those living in high crime areas who witness violence and death, and adults who have intrusive memories of any of these from their childhood are also subject to a diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome. If you have experienced a life-threatening event and have subsequently found yourself feeling increasingly fearful, angry, disoriented, and unable to sleep you may need professional assistance to work through and resolve any trauma that may be impairing your ability to feel well and live fully.

Addiction Recovery

Addiction comes in many forms: drug, alcohol, sex, internet usage, and even people. If you are recovering from an addiction you may need additional help to discover the source of emptiness that led to your initial pick-up. Seeking professional therapy in addition to your recovery intervention can bolster your efforts to sustained sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.

Grief & Loss

While a loss is a normal part of life, our mental and emotional response to losing someone or something precious to us doesn’t usually feel normal. The fact is the psychological (and even the physical) pains that come from grief are real and very normal. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship and feel angry, sad beyond words, or have increasing difficulty accepting your new reality of life without your loved one, you may need professional help. A professional counselor can help make sense of your feelings and guide you through the grief and mourning associated with your loss.

Parenting Issues

If only there were a parenting manual, something to refer to when our kids have those special and challenging needs, a kind of If-Then guide… In fact, there are actually more guides and manuals on the market than we have time to read and decipher. And they all have different advice and anecdotes for raising our little ones. What’s needed most is a way to enhance those good parenting skills you already know and use. The reality is that many parents feel like failures, but what’s also true is that all parents have something special to offer their children. Let Whole & Inclusive Counseling help you determine what’s working and what’s not working for you and your children so that you can capitalize on your parenting abilities. We can also work with you to create personalized guidance and interventions for your family based on what’s happening in your real life (not just in theory). Get the help you need to handle tantrums, willfulness, angry outbursts, specific academic needs, children’s disabilities, and other special demands of parenting.

Sex and Gender Identity

Feel like you’re in the wrong body? Do you want to present as a gender other than the one in which you were born? Feel confused about your sexuality? Or do you feel strongly about your sexuality and/or gender and find it difficult to get the rest of the world to get on board?

Real talk… You may have some difficulties ahead. There are real battles ahead (or that you’ve already faced) where you will need the strength, confidence, and sense of self to stand in your truth.

Real talk…You are worth fighting for! Learn how to accept yourself and love who you are inside and out so that you can bring your whole self to every relationship.

Let Whole & Inclusive Counseling help you (and your loved ones) gain information and insights needed to navigate gender transitioning, understanding sexuality, and carving out a healthy identity.

Sleep Disturbance

Sleep is vital to living a full and productive life. If you are experiencing sleep disturbance, then you may be muddling through feeling groggy, unable to think clearly, experiencing headaches, and even gaining weight. Sleep regulates so much of our functioning that it is critical that we get the sleep our bodies need regularly. If you’re having difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep throughout the night, or if you are having nightmares or other sleep-related issues you may need professional help to get the rest you need to improve your daily functioning.

Stage of Life

Graduating from school, getting a job, creating a family, raising children, empty-nesting, and retiring are stages common to almost everyone. We move through these stages at different paces and with differing goals, but at times we can feel stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the stretching and adjustment required to complete these milestones. Both old and young can experience difficulties navigating the path to maturity and growth. From children struggling with academic difficulties and peer pressures, or 30-somethings trying to maintain healthy families and meet the demands of work deadlines, or those couples rediscovering one another and filling the new empty days of retirement. We thrive when we feel purpose in our lives and have mastery over tasks. When we feel anything less than purpose and mastery professional help may be needed to ensure we continue to grow and mature.